Italo Morales

“Beyond Places & Times” Exhibition

Posted on: November 9th, 2014 by italomv

Copyright The Library Project / Photoireland


Copyright Gunta Podina


Overnight Generation will take part of the exhibition “Beyond Places and Times” at The Library Project in Dublin.

“Beyond Places & Times presents six documentary journeys to places and people living in cities around the world and in between times – oscillating between the past and the present.

Each projects calls for a shifting and adjusting of one’s own viewpoint on the world around us and its photographic documentation, while at the same time projecting our position. Thereby, the relationship between what we see and the tales and stories we imagine along with these photos get twisted. These photographs play with the deprivation of the visible – presenting themselves as fragments, details, deconstructualizations, inspiring the telling of stories alongside the act of seeing. What do I see? And what don’t I see? What do these photos tell me? And what am I telling myself?

The journeys of these photographers test our current position and challenge us to discover new perspectives and new understandings of seeing and the visible.”


“Beyond Places & Times” Exhibition
November 13th – 16th, 2014
Opening: Thursday 13th November 6pm
The Project Library | 4 Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland



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